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Your Trusted Local Emergency Locksmith

It’s time to move the lock industry forward and utilize the latest lock technology. Not only will this give you the security and peace of mind you deserve, but it’ll help you provide added protection for your home, automobile, and business. While the team at Affordable 24/7 Locksmith is known locally as a trusted local locksmith, we also provide a variety of other services, including keyless entry and digital door locks. Electronic locks, specifically, are becoming increasingly popular, and we’re proud to be one of the leading emergency locksmith companies installing them.

Why Install Digital Door Locks?

Why install digital door locks on your home or automobile? Here are a few reasons our customers love them:

  • Keyless entry. No more carrying around heavy, clunky keys – just access your space with an electronic lock.
  • Pickproof. Keyless locks are more secure than standard locks since they’re quite a bit more challenging to pick, and thieves will have a tough time forcing entry or breaking in.
  • Greater control. Unlock your home or car with the help of your smartphone device. Unlock your locks with personal codes, fingerprints, or electronic lock apps for added convenience.
  • Increased curb appeal. If you’re adding keyless entry to your home, you’ll increase the curb appeal of your home and boost its value.
  • Simplicity. Keyless locks are surprisingly easy to install and can be completed in just a few hours.

If you need digital door locks or keyless locks, you need an emergency locksmith team to help you. Learn why we’re the go-to for your friends and neighbors, and get on our installation schedule today: (402) 906-4883

Affordable Locksmith goes above and beyond. Not many companies out there that can claim this. Thank you for making me feel more like a friend or neighbor than just another number. Affordable, reliable, and honest with heart. Very highly recommended!
Tammy Cleveland
This locksmith saved me a lot of money our car dealership wanted to charge me almost a grand to make a fob key for our car this company only change $250 and the other locksmith companies was any were from $450 to $500
Fred Balder
Thanks for the great service!! I will definitely call you again if I need a locksmith
Teresa Shoemaker
This is the third and fourth time I have called them, and they’re always on time, either if I’m locked out of my home or my car. They still show up on time, They have very reasonable rates. They are very respectful, other locksmith companies I have called charge extra or show up late and change their words on prices when they show up, and they are not very polite sometimes. I would definitely recommend Affordable 24/7 Locksmith. I’m going to keep them in my contact list.
Xander Gilpin
I couldn’t believe it when they said they would be there in about 15 minutes and show up in 10 minutes at 330 am. Thank you for the great service and rates for sure going to add to my contacts.
Joe Waker

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